Boost your e-commerce performance with the smart PPC tactics

In this article I am going to show you how I have optimized my e-commerce client’s account for outstanding Return On Investments.

This content also includes a lot of:

  • Reasonable tips and recommendations
  • Advanced paid search tactics
  • Lots more

So, if your business accepts payments on the website and you are looking forward to transforming your PPC campaign into a real flow of relevant traffic, along with a source of revenue, you are going to like this post.

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Does E-commerce need to leverage paid search?

Yes. PPC serves to establish the flow of potential customers…

In this article, I’m going to describe my opinion on why digital marketing manager salaries should be at the top level and suggest a decent minimum wage. You’ll love the content if want to know:

  • how much do digital marketing make today;
  • what are important digital marketing skills;
  • the resources it takes to prepare a digital marketing expert;
  • reasonable salary minimum for such a marketing manager.

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Digital marketing manager salary should be at the top level. Illustration by Andrey Palagin

While Apple’s seismic change to the mobile ad industry draws near, there are still thousands of online marketing specialists (or who…

In this essay, I am going to shed light on how to edit PDF, what PDF Editors are available, and why a lot of people prefer to edit their documents online.

This post also will give you a lot of useful information regarding:

  • Guidance on how to annotate PDF files on Mac OS and Windows for free
  • A list of useful freemium tools to edit PDF online;
  • A lot of other hints on PDF manipulation.

Therefore, if you edit files in Portable Document Format infrequently or daily, this content is for you.

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Tricky way from TOFU lead to MQL

Nowadays it takes fewer efforts for marketers to create a solid lead flow. Use-case or clients’ paint-point centric approach on search engines as well as social media can deliver as many leads as your business needs, with CPA less than $40. In addition to that, demand generation professionals can use the advantage of supersaturated lead generation market to acquire any quantity of legit leads with the right criteria in-bulk. But how to convert those TOFU leads to sales-qualified?

The times of “handraisers” are gone, and not too many hot leads are available in the market. The majority of potential clients…

Here are my thoughts about how a software company can increase its revenue from its website, applications and enterprise solutions by attracting and converting web-traffic.

The majority of software companies can increase their website’s traffic and boost their sales along with lead generation with fewer attend. They should consider adding values to their website. The values that their target audience understands and need the most. Think about not only educating users on how to use your software effectively to tackle a specific problem, but the most important part is to solve their basic problems by making your software work online…

PDF documents overcome the disadvantages of JPG by making it easier to re-purpose digital images.

Should you convert your JPG (JPEG) to PDF and how to make it easy online

Converting images from JPG, PNG or BMP formats to PDF offers several advantages over saving them in their native formats. First of all, PDF takes up a lot less room on your hard disk than JPEG. JPEG file size can vary widely depending on the resolution of the image. The scalability of JPEG images also creates issues in printing. The print quality of JPG image depends on the resolution, and the printout may have a different form factor than the on screen image. Last but…

I believe the majority of people already know that Portable Document Format (PDF), is a file format that makes it easier for users to repurpose digital images. While JPEG is best suited for image formatting, the format has some limitations. Typically, it is not the right format for small images and repeatedly edited images. The case is the same with textual data and compressed images. Transparency within images has been a long-standing issue within the JPEG format. Another disadvantage is the elimination of extra pixels during compression that might be useful for a fading-out effect. When image quality is a…

The right approach for doing more B2B sales with LinkedIn

Nowadays social media can help b2b marketer a lot in generating leads and supporting sales of their products or services. LinkedIn works much better than other social media in the majority of areas and business-oriented industries.

When salespeople and marketers work on B2B markets they usually deal with a Buying Center. Such decision-making unit brings together all members of an organization who become involved in the buying process for a particular product or service. This is why b2b sales are always harder (and much more interesting) than b2c sales. …

The purpose of this paper is to determine the best social media network to advertise on for a B2B company in San Francisco Bay Area. Nowadays, essentially all business must engage with customers via channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms because of the large percentage of the public using social media. It helps businesses to clearly build brand-awareness, interact with existing customers or prospects, and generate new leads for their sales teams. According to Justin Sachs (“The 7 Best Social Media Channels for Business Marketing”, August 26, 2016) LinkedIn and Facebook remain the most popular social media for…

It has been a while since I have published my research along with my thoughts on how to choose the best PDF SDK for an enterprise. PDF programmatic conversion and manipulation solutions have changed, while server-side PDF applications have become more trendy in 2021. But there are still some opportunities for improvement for the client-side segment; some client-side solutions are already achieving leaps forward in terms of performance, accuracy, and supported features through use of new technologies, like WebAssembly. All that made me update my article to satisfy the needs of modern software engineers in adopting a capable SDK.


Andrey Palagin

A certified marketing professional who helps businesses, whose values he shares, in achieving their business goals via modern marketing tools.

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